The why behind the crew: How it al began

The why behind the crew: How it all began

The why behind the crew: How it all began

By now, you all know that this year’s CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown is the 10th edition and the first sanctioned event ever hosted in the Netherlands. But do you know how it all started? Let us walk you through our story.

Sint Gone Bad

The story of the Lowlands Throwdown is one of fraternization and celebration.

10 years ago at CrossFit Twente 43 athletes from all over the BeNeLux performed 3 WODS on one day (hence our Qualifier format) under the loud cheers of 100 spectators. This first edition of what was then called ‘Sint Gone Bad’ was a small but successful event where the love for CrossFit was shared and successes were celebrated. Equipment was gathered from all over the country, judges and volunteers were mostly members of the organising boxes (CrossFit Twente and CrossFit FSF).

The starting-point

The main goal was to create an amazing, honest and professional CrossFit competition. We wanted to share our enthusiasm for CrossFit and familiarize more and more people with the sport. At the same time striving for a level of professionality doing justice to all the energy and time that the people participating put into it. Ten years later, this is still true. The starting-point hasn’t changed.

Next Level

We didn’t have a preconceived plan to become one of the best CrossFit-Events in the world. Every edition we just wanted to organize as good as an event as possible and have fun while doing it. We were and still are motivated to increase the level of the event in every way possible. Never losing sight of why we started: to organise an amazing, honest competition where the love for CrossFit is shared. Driven by enthusiasm and the energy that is released working together with other enthusiasts we want to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Whether it’s athletes, volunteers or sponsors.