Side program announced

Side program announced

Of course you have tickets for the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown (you do have them right? Otherwise click here to get them, no seriously; click) to see your favorite athletes compete. But, during downtime in the competition, you won’t be bored. This year we offer you more than 350 square meters of vendors and sponsors, a big shop of both Reebok, FitAID and Rogue, a spectator gym and several interesting seminars.


Thanks to Vondelgym there is no need to miss your daily dose of CrossFit while visiting our Final Event. On both Saturday and Sunday you can join the WOD by Vondelgym Coaches Daniel Colpo and Nic Collins in our Spectators Gym. 

WODs start at 10:30 / 12:30 / 14:30 and 16:30h. There's a maximum of 12 athletes for each WOD. So be on time if you want to be sure you can join. 


In the business lounge several interesting seminars are held. The program for Saturday and Sunday is the same and can be found below.

11:00 Mirwais Mehrab
Mirwais Mehrab is a medical researcher who investigated injuries in CrossFit. He educates and works extensively with athletes, coaches and specialists. Join his lecture 'Injury management: practical approach and methods'  to learn more about new scientific insights and how to handle and manage injuries.

12:30 Julien Pineau

Renowned Strongfit guru Julien Pineau will talk on the importance of intensity, how to reach it safely and how pacing & lack of focus negates the positive aspect of the Sympathetic response on people.

15:00 Willem Hilberdink and Madelon van Zanten

Speaking from his position as owner of one of the largest and most well-known CrossFit gyms in the Netherlands, CrossFit Unscared,  and from his experience providing business coaching to a large amount of gyms within the same scene, Willem will discuss different models to provide a quality experience for both competitors and the general population. The underlying core values of different models and solutions will be discussed as well. Furthermore Willem will explain how to navigate around problems and challenges with (future) competitors and how to provide a solution based upon the culture of your box or gym.

From the same box, Madelon van Zanten will explain ways to maintain a very personal approach without taking time-consuming decisions. How to deal with injuries, pregnancies and high-risk members and much more. If you're wondering how to get existing members to stay on board, this is lecture you want to join!