Military Qualifier

How limitless are you?

For the first time in the history of the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown we are providing special leaderboards during our online qualifier. We partnered up with the Dutch 11 Air Assault Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army to create a Military Leaderboard. The 11 Air Assault Brigade brigade opened the first Military Affiliate of the BeNeLux last year, called: Fearless Falcon CrossFit. 

With our special Military leaderboard we aim to connect all soldiers around the world and help them in their mission to stay fit for duty.

Join the Military Qualifier at the Orange Barracks at Schaarsbergen (Oranje Kazerne, Schaarsbergen)

On the 6th of March 2020, Fearless Falcon CrossFit will host the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown Online Qualifier at the Orange Barracks, Schaarsbergen.

They are welcoming everyone in the Military who wants to join and test their own limits and fitness.
You can register and join as a military team of 4 (male-male-female-female) or as an individual in one of the following divisions: Elite/RX (advanced athletes) / Masters 35-39 / Masters 40-44 / Masters 45+ or even in our Scaled (accessible to everyone) division.

Coach Glassman: High-intensity interval training of CrossFit appealed to first responders, the military, fighters, and varsity athletes, all with a vested interest and desire to perform under enormous pressure.

How to join the military qualifier?

Any soldier around the world is welcome to join up the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown online Qualifier. Make sure you select 'Military' during your registration in competition corner.

How to compete at the 'Militairy' Qualifier* held on the 6th of March at the Orange Barracks at Schaarsbergen?

  • Please register yourself or your team in Competion Corner with affilate: Fearless Falcon CrossFit 
  • Please make sure you are available from 08:00 till 18:00 on the 6th of March;
  • Email a copy of your registration to to make sure you or your team has a spot on the 6th of March.  Please add your: Mobile Phone number - Email (Civil and Military) - Current Unit (Branch + Unit) - Nationality 

*Acces for active military personnel only / Max. 100 spots available.